Explorations of Now attracted close to 1,700 visitors - now the journey continues

50 artists, speakers, musicians - 20 employees, chefs and hosts - close to 1,700 visitors. Explorations of Now has left the Orlången nature reserve in Huddinge but has affected many. 

For eight days in August, people, culture and nature met in the Orlången nature reserve. Jane Hopper, project manager and initiator of Explorations of Now, is grateful to all visitors and participants.

“I feel honoured and grateful to have encountered so many people during this process on a journey that we took together through exceptional times and still we managed to produce hope, love and a feeling of community not only between ourselves but also for those who came to witness our vision. We changed and touched others with our determination and curiosity, imagination, and willingness to enter the unknown.” 

Even though Explorations of Now has left Orlången, the journey continues. With the app Explorations of Now, you can experience the meeting between man, culture and nature in the Orlången nature reserve for the next two years.

The app consists of two guides, Walk in art with nature in English and Swedish and Enkla Guiden in Swedish. The app is simple to use and intended to be a way of extending the artworks beyond the physical event itself. It is available for those who were not able to make it and for those who would like to revisit the experience once more.

“Walk in art with nature” focuses on the artworks presented, with information about the work and the artists, photos, short trailers, sound installations. Simply follow the map around the trail Kvarnen Runt, Orlången Nature reserve and the app will notify you when you have reached a place where a piece was presented. To access the information, click on the banner at the bottom of the page that pops up, scroll down to check if a film is available or press play for the sound installations. 

“Enkla guiden” describes both the artworks and that what we can see and experience in nature during the walk. This guide is directed to children, but everybody is invited to listen of course.

“Explorations of Now was a fantastic initiative that combined world-leading artistry with the importance of a globally sustainable lifestyle. Within the project and all its participants, the connection to Huddinge and Orlången - Sweden's foremost nature conservation municipality - felt like a perfect match”, Richard Vestin, participating ecologist and nature information officer at the Nature Conservation Unit in Huddinge municipality. 

Download the app here:

Iphone / Apple Store
Android / Google Play

Participating artists & dancers:

Mats Bigert, Lars Bergström, Signe Johannessen, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Unn Feleide, Eszter Czedulas, Suelem Oliveira Da Silva, Karin Bolender, Malin Lindmark Vrijman, Agnese Cebere, Marta Popivode, Ana Vujanovic, Louise Dahl, Hanna Erdman, Ulrika Berg, Sunna Ardal, Jonatan Winbo, Benjamin Pohlig, Freddy Houndekindo, Movemkrs, Mohamed Y. Shika, Ferrero, Eleanor Campbell, Anand Bolder, Katie Jacobson, Vincent Van der Plas, Johanna Tengan, pavleheider, Anna Fitoussi, Siriol Joyner, Camille Prieux, Robin Jonsson, Julietta Birkeland, Eliott Marmouset, Victor Pérez Armero, Adam Schütt, Majken Horton, Csilla Hódi, Sergiusz Markowski, Emilia Huczko, Ilaria Capalbo, Adrian Lussi, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Filippa Bergin, Göran Gennvi, Emma Stenström, Magnus Åkerland, Pratik Vithlani, Agata Puciato, Fred Taikon, Jonas Rahm, Richard Vestin, Mathieu Vrijman, Jane Hopper, Jack & Jenny

With the support of Postkodstiftelsen.

Press about Explorations of Now (In Swedish)

“Konstnärsduon som gjort klimatkonst i decennier: Måste drivas av lust” – SVT

”Kultur kan hjälpa oss att ställa om” – Sveriges Radio P4 Stockholm

“Lyssna till ekens hjärtslag eller skapa ett hem för vilsna fladdermöss. Med hjälp av konst och dans vill ”Explorations of now” ta sina besökare närmare naturen.” – TT/Aftonbladet

“Orlångens naturreservat har blivit en tillfällig konsthall.” – Mitti

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