Blank Slate | Documentation | Place: On route

Blank Slate is a practice of live archiving through drawing, writing, photographing and any other spontaneous form of tracing based on impressions of the day during Explorations of Now. This is archive as ongoing process where the goal is not to produce a record, as such, but rather to take time and space for creativity, inspiration, and fun. Come have a look, while we’re having a look around, taking in color or shadow, using pen, paint, charcoal, or dirt. You might end up on the canvas, as well!

I want to make an archive of the festival of Exploration of now. I use ‘archive’ not in the traditional sense of the word but more as a means to make a work. As a practice of sorts. So I’m not creating an actual record where one can look back what happened on what day, but I use the idea of archiving as inspiration to get something made. The impressions of the day are the input, and by means of free association the output can be whatever.

Title: Blank Slate
Name of artist/s: Anand Bolder with Katie Jacobson, Freddy Houndekindo, Eliot Marmouson, Vincent van der Plas.
Content: Free association archiving on canvas
Collaboration: Cullberg
Place: On route

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