Celebrating Explorations of Now | SAT AUG 21 | Place: Base camp

Celebrate Explorations of Now with us Saturday August 21. We will talk, listen to music, enjoy food and each other’s company, you are all invited. Book your day pass here to join.

12.00, 14.00 & 16.00:
Nomadism now and then | Talk | Fred Taikons Nomadic tent

During the day we invite you to meet Fred Taikon at the Nomadic Tent at the Base Camp of Explorations of Now to listen to him share his knowledge about the Roma language, culture, and life. How they travelled and supported themselves in the past.

Live Roma music | Sergiusz Markowski and Emilia Huczko | Fred Taikons Nomadic tent

Traditional Roma Music with artists and couple Sergiusz Markowski and Emilia Huczko.
Emilia Huczko sings Roma ballads and is accompanied by her husband Sergiusz Markowski on the accordion.

Fire Talk with Fred Taikon, Ageta and Jonas Rahm with traditional Roma food.

During the Fire talk at Exploration of now, we want to investigate what nomadism looked like in the past and how it is practiced now. How they lived, travelled, and supported themselves in the past. Fred Taikon has devoted his entire life to activism and has been an important voice for the Roma people in Sweden. A large part of his work has been to spread knowledge about the Roma language, culture, and life. Agata is a modern nomad. As a young person in Sweden, she has chosen to live as a traveller, or as a nomad. She bicycled throughout the United States from north to south in an 18-month period and is constantly on her way to new journeys, and constantly develops her way of thinking about means of transport and how to get around as smoothly as possible. Both have experienced life as a nomad and now they want to share their stories and experiences.


Finishing off the celebration with the ambient sounds from the Ridhuset with Anthrophony by Dj Millou, creator of SONOSCOPIA, Camille Prieux.

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