Creating the wetland* | Interactive Sculpture

As the opening act of the event, Kultivator invites audience and artist colleagues to join in a choreographed movement to alter the stream of a small ditch that runs out in the lake of Orlången. The performative sculpture is made in collaboration with Orlångens nature reserve manager Richard Vestin, and celebrates the collaboration with the site that so generously is hosting us.

The seemingly innocent straight ditch is one of the man – made constructs that damages the balance of the ecosystems at work in the reserve. By tipping rocks down in the stream, the water´s way will bend, the pace slow down, and the repair of a wetland has begun. For Kultivator, the practice of hands on suggesting by doing has been a method since the start 2005. A vital part of Kultivators work in Explorations of now, has been to invite the biosphere as a collaborator and co-creator in the artistic research. With the performative sculpture Repairing wetland, Kultivators action is the first step in a repair that will be continued for years to come by water, microorganisms, plants and animals in Orlången.

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