Homo Saltator | Performance |
Place: On Route

Homo sapiens sapiens — is there more to us?

A suspected anomaly in the human genome has caused a few individuals to display behavior never observed before: abstract movement; sudden vocalisation; wordless communication with other entities; uninhibited sensuality; and an acute artistic sensitivity.

The scientific community has decided to address them as Homo saltator referring to their dance-like behavior. Scientists all over the world have started taking somatic based dance classes to become more familiar with the issue at hand.

Two of these individuals have been spotted around the natural reserve of Orlången.
It is safe to say that you can observe them; you can borrow binoculars for the duration of your stay to help you spot them.

Title: Homo saltator
Name of artists: Eliott Marmouset, Victor Pérez Armero
Content: Durational performance, dance-voice
Collaboration: Cullberg
Duration: TBA
Dates: 13, 15, 20 and 22 August
Coordinates: TBA

Homo sapiens sapiens — is there more to us? is a durational happening of two humans roaming within the geographic limits of the event with no apparent goal.
They are being in nature, they are vocal and physical, sensitive and expressive. Their appearance is rather civilized, their behavior is playful and ever-shifting. Audience members are given binoculars to observe them from afar. An invitation to notice the space at large and in details. An invitation to observe members of our own species anew.

In the past years, Eliott and Víctor have been nurturing an interest around ecological concerns—both individually and through other artistic collaborations. They have found a common ground in questioning the ways humans interact with nature and the narrative of relationships amongst species.

This has led them to collaborate within the frame of EoN, developing a performative practice dealing with expanded ways of being (in) nature.

Eliott and Víctor have been exchanging fluids for about three years, and they respectively joined Cullberg in 2019 and 2021.

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