Making bat spaces | Workshop | Place: Base Camp

In the base camp area, Kultivator invites visitors of Explorations of Now to take active part in improving the living conditions for bats in Orlången.

As a part of the collaboration with the landscape of the event, you are asked to assemble pieces of wood to make a home for Bats, leaving, if you wish, a message for the users or by-passers of the home.

The design of the homes is carefully shaped after advice from bat experts, to offer the most secure, comfortable, and accessible shelter for the many species of bats that inhabit the reserve. The bats of Orlången, and in general, suffer from a lack of housing due to the shortage of old hollow trees, and the competition of birds and wasps in the search for a good shelter. In the workshop Making Bat spaces, building home, the satisfaction of constructing with your own hands can meet an actual need of a fellow being in the surrounding.

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