R.A.W.~ Kultivator Mirror Shots | Film | Place: Barn 2

In late summer of 2020, Rural Alchemy Workshop (R.A.W.) and Kultivator hosted a transoceanic exchange of creative experiments in forests, fields, and pastures, shared back and forth across time-zones between the US Pacific Northwest and the eastern edge of Sweden. In spaces-between days and nights–in the roiling midst of global pandemic, social upheaval, troubled oceans, and smoke-darkened skies–we sought to invent new ways for holding embodied conversations with all kinds of others in living time places.

Title: Mirror Shots
Name of artist/s: R.A.W.~ & Kultivator: Karin Bolender, Malin Lindmark Vrijman, Agnese Cebere
Collaboration: Kultivator/ R.A.W in Oregon

Mirror Shots is a technique of time-based reflection, movement, and attunement developed for Explorations of Now, in conjunction with Cullberg and Kultivator in Oland and Agnese Cebere with the R.A.W. in Oregon. Its form is inspired by Annie Oakley, famed in the Old American West for her exquisite marksmanship, and especially a trick called ‘The Mirror Shot’ where she would shoot a target behind her, looking over her shoulder using a handheld mirror. Following elusive microbial maps and handwritings, hidden horses and creaking trees, fleeting shadows and watery edges, Mirror Shots invites forays in otherworldly bubbles of local forests and fields, pastfutures and futurepastures. In the midst of happenings now in Huddinge, Mirror Shots explore how wandering paths might converge in tricky digital and material exchanges, looking forwards and backwards at once, aiming for something unseen.

Karin Bolender (aka K-Haw Hart) is an artist-researcher who seeks “untold” stories within muddy meshes of mammals, plants, pollinators, microbes, and many others. Under the auspices of the Rural Alchemy Workshop (R.A.W.), a homegrown, collaborative living-art-research practice explores dirty words and entangled wisdoms of earthly ecologies through performance, writing, video/sound installation, and other experimental arts of interspecies storytelling–in particular within a family herd of donkeys. R.A.W. durational and site-specific projects/performances include R.A.W. Assmilk SoapGut Sounds Lullaby, and Welcome to the Secretome. A book called The Unnaming of Aliass, exploring nearly two decades of roadside and barnyard living-art practice, was published by punctum in 2020. The R.A.W. is rooted amidst patchwork forests of the Oregon Coast Range, east of the Pacific Ocean and west of the Cascades.

Agnese Cebere is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily with video and performance. Her practice is guided by sense modalities of seeing and feeling, framing and sensing, exploring touch and embodiment through media and somatic practice. The work grows out of provisional gestures, and is developed through actions like improvising, mimicking, mirroring, copying, layering, repetition, and automation. Working with both still and moving images, performance, and material substrates in contrast with figurative and abstract depiction, it often tangles the linguistic and the corporeal. The outcomes range between different formats and mediums, including online, installation and screen-space, to site-specific encounters and live performances in public space.  Originally from Latvia, Agnese grew up in Sweden, and earned her BA in Intermedia Art at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. She graduated with an MA in Media Studies from The New School in New York in 2018, where her research focused on embodiment and technology as they converge in screendance. She is now based in Eugene, Oregon, where she is Program Director at Eugene Contemporary Art, and pursuing an MFA in Art at the University of Oregon.

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