Mycotrophia game* | Workshop | Place: Ridhuset

“It is calm and magical here. Our bodies are in a continuous expansion by the gentle stimuli of life ungraspably happening in ordinary unruliness. We are in love across the roots that feed and seduce us.”

Mycotrophia is a live action role play game led by Csilla Hódi, artist and amateur mycologist that offers collective fabulation of a life in close connection with fungal roots.

Mycotrophy or myco-heterotrophy (from Greek μύκης mykes, “fungus”, ἕτερος heteros, “another”, “different” and τροφή trophe, “nutrition”) refers to a relationship between certain kinds of plants and fungi, in which the plant gets all or part of its food from dependence upon local fungal network, rather than as a consequence of classic plant-like labour, photosynthesis. Myco-heterotrophy is considered as a kind of cultivating and caring relationship that soil fungi offer for their partners. Mycotroph plants are sometimes informally referred to as “mycorrhizal lovers”, that provides the sensation of contentment for the whole fungal web of a specific place.

Program and tickets:

12 AUG 16.00-18.30 | Mycotrophia game* | Workshop | Place: Ridhuset BOOK TICKET

13 AUG 16.00-18.30 | Mycotrophia game* | Workshop | Place: Ridhuset BOOK TICKET

Mycotrophy can be observed among humans as a fascination driven occurrence that can develop unnoticed and causes an enhanced capacity to empathize with very distant life-forms. Distance and supposed difference itself is a source of fascination, and fascination itself is the main resource humans get form mycelium. Fabulation of different stories around the hardly sensible fungal web is combined with thorough observation, languaged interactions and collective analysis.

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