Phylogenetic Tree Mobile | Installation/performance | Place: Ridhuset

Lars Bergström, born 1962, and Mats Bigert, born 1965 is a Stockholm-based artist duo. Their partnership first began in 1986, and have since become internationally recognized for a wide range of conceptually and technically complex art projects.

Through their career, Bigert & Bergström have produced and created art projects ranging from large-scale sculptures and installations to performance and film. Often with a conceptual edge, the core of their work is placed right in the junction between humanity, nature and technology. With energetic curiosity and often using humor as a tool, the duo is known to analyze scientific and social issues discussed in contemporary society, such as climate change or environmental sustainability.

“They never preach; they do not demand that viewers take a stand. Instead, they turn the world upside down and get us to participate, to experience— and, when the fireworks are over, to ponder what has occurred. (…) The men in white overalls are like two polymath engineers with magical powers who journey tirelessly around with their ingenious machines. They tenderly seek to patch up an earth that is becoming increasingly stressed and overheated. They urgently try to get us to pay attention to the warning signals by starting a rain shower or diverting an approaching storm.”

Sara Arrhenius,“Introduction.” In: Bigert & Bergström: Works 1986-2016. Stockholm: Art and Theory Publishing, 2017.

Title: Phylogenetic Tree Mobile
Content: Interactive sculpture
Name of artists: Bigert & Bergström

Phylogenetic Tree Mobile is an interactive sculpture that can be activated by humans when climbing on and moving on its various arms. A so-called phylogenetic tree is a graphic model that is usually used to show the relationship between different living organisms. In the sculpture Phylogenetic Tree Mobile, it is the human relationship to the gas carbon dioxide that is shaped. The mobile consists of metal frames that span over 10 meters with step shapes on one side and a counterweight at the other end. The counterweight is a 300 kg heavy CO2 molecule made of cast iron that lies safely on the ground as long as humans can refrain from climbing the evolutionary chart.

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