Slowdances / forests, fields and pastures | Louise Dahl, Hana Erdman

In the context of the ‘Explorations of Now’ festival this iteration of SLOWDANCES explores altered states of speed through the emotional, meditative and ambient effects of bodies and landscapes. Companioned and witnessed by the forest’s edge, this unfolding of collective slow experience sensitizes the meeting between place, belonging and self. Slow in common with many practices, farming, worship, art… movements that attend to making and being made in relation to the environment, living witness to worlds where relations exceed the event. You are invited to spend time among the flora and fauna in Orlångens Nature Reserve, and sensorially meander in an expanded now where more kinds of temporal perception may be possible.

SLOWDANCES is a series of works where every piece describes a slow experience inside different iterations of context: the theater, the museum, the forest, the church. Each iteration traces kaleidoscopic patterns of dancers sliding between gesture and stillness, dancing passing flow into form, amidst a minimalist celestial soundscape. The phrase ‘slow dance’ is used both as a title and gathering term for dance that resonates with the wider genre of Slow Art: an art movement of embodied watching that calls attention to the experience of time unfolding.

Title: Slowdances / forests, fields and pastures
Name of artists: Louise Dahl, with Hana Erdman
Content: Performance
Duration: 30 min
Dates: See program

Concept: Louise Dahl & Hana Erdman
Framing/Situation: in collaboration with Jonatan Winbo
Performance: Ulrika Berg, Sunna Ardal, Louise Dahl, Hana Erdman
Sound contribution: Jassem Hindi
Costume color design: Alice Fine

Louise Dahl & Hana Erdman are dancers and choreographers working with live performance, installation, and video. Within an expanded notion of dance they research the relationship between thought, form and energy. Their work is characterized by a technical approach to the body from which they explore the physical manifestation of invisible, sensorial and metaphysical realities. Their work is presented internationally in the contexts of galleries, museums, theaters and art festivals.

Jonatan Winbo graduated from Valand Academy of the Arts in Göteborg 2009. He has been working as a lighting designer in the areas of dance, film, theater, art, contemporary circus, music and performance. His interest in the exploration of what is perceived as reality, may this reality be a ”reality”, dream, fantasy or vision can often be seen in his work, using suggestion, trying to invoke changes in perceptual experience for the viewer/audience. As a collaborator he has been working with Jefta van Dinther, Josefin Hinders, Tove Sahlin, Eleanor Bauer, Thiago Granato, Martin Falck, Fever Ray, Louise Dahl & Hana Erdman, Yung Lean, KIKI, Privat, Tuvalisa Rangström, My Wild Flag, Sailor I, Cullberg, Silver Films, Mint, Michele Masucci, ccap,, and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

Ulrika Berg is a Stockholm based dance artist and educator of dance. In her work she takes an interest in developing conditions, frameworks and generative sources for dancing, through activation of different relations between perception, movement, sensation and imagination. As a dancer she works in close collaborations with other artists as well as initiating own works. She has worked together with, among others, Deborah Hay, Cristina Caprioli, Rebecka Stillman, Janne-Camilla Lyster, Ludvig Daae, and with the Cullberg in works of Ezster Salamon (Reproduction 2015) and Deborah Hay (Figure a Sea). She holds a Master’s degree in New Performative Practices. Since 2015 she is an assistant professor of Dance at SKH Dance (Stockholm University of the Arts).

Jassem Hindi, French Lebanese/Palestinian is a performer, sound artist, and writer, with an education in philosophy. Hindi’s last recent works are “Laundry of Legends” (HAU Berlin; Fadjr Tehran) a series of mixed art performances around Arab female death poetry, and
“Stranger within” with Mia Habib, a long term research/performance installation on the eco-poetics of the north of Norway. His recent collaborators are Ligia Lewis, Eoghan Ryan, Keith Hennessy, Valentina Desideri, Sina Seifee, Hana Erdman and Louise Dahl

Sunna Ardal is a Composer, musician and performer based in Stockholm. She formed S U N with Yoann Durant in 2015, performed in LA, Paris, Stockholm, Biennale de Venice, Berlin & NY. She has composed music for, and performing live in the musical A Line_Up, and Sadness Extended choreographed by Cristina Caprioli. She has collaborated with Yoann Durant and Benjamin Vandewalle on the piece HEAR production : Kaaitheater Brussels, Vooruit Ghent. She has worked as a composer, visual producer and performer With COAX Collective, Paris, France. She was invited by Anne Imhof as a guest teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Munich. She curated the Music Week during Summer University at PAF (Performing Arts Forum), France.

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