Swamp posthumous & POSTHUMOUS-states | Signe Johannessen, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Unn Faleide, Eszter Czedulas, Suelem De Oliveira Da Silva

Swamp posthumous

In Swamp posthumous, shown as a 3 channel video installation during Explorations of Now, Signe Johannessen goes into dialogue with archeologist Christina Fredengren and Cullberg dancers Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Eszter Czédulás and Unn Faleide. They unite in a shared interest in hybrid bodies, historical paraphrases and the human relationship to animals, both those who walk the earth and the magical. Signe and the dancers use their own bodies as the point of departure in an investigation of an archaeological find made in 1949 outside Örebro, where a middle-aged female body was found. The finding has puzzled researchers as the body partly consisted of animal parts. She had a cow shoulder, a horseshoe, a pig’s foot and a dog’s jaw. With a swamp as their teacher and companion, they have immersed themselves in more than human perspectives.

At Explorations of now Signe Johannessen also presents the work Letters to a swamp which consists of underwater footage and diary notes from the artist’s many year long relationship with the wetland Marksjön in Sörmland.

“I approach the swamp and the buried remnants of past life from other times that are found there as a kind of archive. I investigate parallel and alternative realities where more than human perspectives and relationships are found”, says Signe Johannessen.

Swamp posthumous will be shown as a video at Accelerator August 25 as part of the exhibition Experimentalfältet, where Johannessen participates with the installation Posthumous Dialogue.


In the time specific performance POSTHUMOUS-states the dancers Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska and Eszter Czedulas takes the work further into the live performance on this specific location at Orlången. Letting the fluid body meet with this dry land and finding support in unaffected nature.

Title: Swamp posthumous & POSTHUMOUS-states
Content: Film, performance, objects
Performance 60 min
Film ca 18 min
Collaboration: Archeologist Christina Fredengren, Cullberg & Accelerator
Film/photo/sound edit/text & editing: Herman Nygren and Oskar Hökerberg, Team Tony/Character, Felize Nilsson, Kristina Sigurdsdotter
Film producers:
Accelerator, Explorations of Now and Cullberg with support by Postkodstiftelsen

Signe Johannessen’s work questions the notion of life, power structures and morality. Johannessen is interested in how we write about the history of nature and portray other species. Johannessen’s work interrogates what our relationship with other species can tell us about power structures. Looking into history, as well as the interpretations of nature, animals, and artificial machine her work discusses what it means to be human.

Signe Johannessen studied at Oslo National College of the Arts in Norway and the Royal institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. She makes sculptures, videos, drawings and installations. Her artistic processes often evolve through workshops and excursions in collaborations with various experts. Johannessen is one of the founders of Art Lab Gnesta, a self-organized experimental practice and institution in the Sörmland country-side south of Stockholm.

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