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Benjamin Pohlig studied both in England at the Rambert School of Dance and Trinity Laban for his Bachelor and Master, as well as at P.A.R.T.S. in Belgium. Since graduating he has worked as a choreographer and performer based in his hometown Berlin. In his work, he explores the
theater as an agora, a place in which social and political behaviors are not only practiced but are also experienced physically. This concept appears throughout his works, including the participatory solo ”dance yourself clean” (2013) and his collaborations “5 seasons” (2016) and “A Farewell to Flesh” (2017). As a dancer, he has worked with Martin Nachbar, Isabelle Schad, Grayson Millwood and Zoë Knights, as well as internationally with Pierre Droulers and Renan Martins. Benjamin joined Cullberg in the autumn of 2019.

Title: Taking roots
Name of artist/s: Benjamin Pohlig with help from Jeroen Peeters
Collaboration: Cullberg

How can we speak about climate change through art? In his project taking roots, Benjamin Pohlig confronts his own artistic doing and thinking with the growing urgency of the climate crisis. What does it mean to do art in a time when immediate political and economic action is needed? What can art offer? The journey of thinking about, and understanding these questions will take place through a daily practice of reading and writing, walking and talking, and dancing. For the public intervention of Explorations of Now at Orlången, the project will culminate in a written as well as recorded essay that explores how issues of animal and plant life as well as technology in crisis touch upon the dancing body. Furthermore, Benjamin will also have a series of recorded conversations with the other artists of Explore about how art can speak of global warming. Finally, Benjamin will create a reading corner that invites the audience to discover the various research materials from all artists.

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