The storytellers | Eleanor Campbell

Storytelling, the oldest of all the arts, has served many purposes throughout human existence. Stories entertain, pass on knowledge, develop moral compasses, activate cognitive and emotional connections, bridge specific to multiple perspectives, offer unique shared experiences between the teller and listeners. This project is a study of the potency of storytelling in human learning, and to explore how it could help us navigate these current times, where alarming information is plenty though fails to trigger a response to match it. Since stories have always moved us and made us move, could they be what we need to take collective action as custodians of the planet? I wish to dig up stories from different times, genres and cultures, that invite reflection about where we wish our ecological hearts to be. Directly from mouths to ears, from gestures to eyes, I wish to explore the ways of our ancestor’s with that of dancer’s in offering an experience perhaps both familiar and forgotten.

Title: The storytellers
Recorded Reading
Place: On route
By: Eleanor Campbell

Title: The storytellers Odin’s Eye
Perfomance by pavleheidler
Place: Wind shelter
By: Eleanor Campbell

Research and consultancy: Corrine Harragin
Special thanks to Dages Juvellier Keats, and to all those before us who told this story to keep it alive.

We’d be happy to share our references with those who’d like to read up on the ancients. Get in touch with is by writing to

Title: The storytellers Reading the Lorax
Live Reading
Place: Kvarnen
By: Eleanor Campbell

Eleanor is now on maternity leave, leaving The storytellers as a work in progress. The book reading of The Lorax, poetry recordings of Ecofeminist writers, and the oral storytelling of Odin’s Eye are tasters of her work so far. Special thanks to her collaborator for Odin’s Eye, Pavle Heidler, and to Katie Jacobson, Eszter Czedulas, and the readers of The Lorax.

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